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A user-friendly, map-based project collaboration app for professionals working in energy, environmental, and engineering fields.

From macro to micro.

Arkit was an early stage startup when I joined as the founder‘s first hire. I was responsible for all product design, including HTML & CSS front-end development. Over the course of three years, I helped design and ship 13 major releases, growing Arkit from a rough, unreleased prototype to a robust app with a growing community of happy users.

The Arkit project map, showing pins marking the locations of projects, with the activity stream of recent project updates on the left.
Opening a project zooms to the site map, showing geospatial site data and drawing tools, and a summary of project details on the left.
Project features include GIS drawing tools, budgeting, cost and task tracking, file storage, and built-in lab analysis of site soil samples.
The Arkit dashboard, designed for quick access to key project details like ownership, assigment, share status, and active budget usage.
Arkit was an unshipped prototype when I joined, with a design assembled from multiple off-the-shelf UI libraries.
A diagram I created to help plan the layering of UI elements, including the map, overlays, panels, tools, and messages.
As part of a major overhaul of the product, I designed a flexible panel system to accommodate a wide variety of content.
An overview of the design system, including panel treatments and hierarchy, color palette, typography, buttons, and form elements.

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